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Commercial roofs come in two designs: they are either completely flat or have a slight slope. Either way the commercial roofs are a lot easier to build on large structures. If you choose flat roof, depending on how large the structure is, it is more demanding when it comes to taking care of it. Because of the nature of the commercial roof, the maintenance schedule will have to be shorter; with many checkups, you will have a good functioning roof. Fixing the commercial roof and residential roof is completely different so it is best to check with your roofing contractor if you have any problems with your roof. Commercial roof tends to have several problems such as the prolonged standing water that over time deteriorates the roof. Hiring a good roof contractor will help you fix this problem and it is important to say whether your roof is commercial or residential.

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Residential roofs are usually requiring careful handling but somewhat shorter maintenance schedule. This residential roofs often have steep slopes as opposed to commercial roofs, and their design is never limited, meaning that you can have the whatever material you want with this type of roof and the other thing that is beneficial to know about these roofs is their cover area, that is smaller and because of that, it doesn’t put much pressure on the structure. As the rest of the house, roof needs to be taken care of as well, and with the residential roofing the maintenance has to be regular and maintaining it won’t be difficult.

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Every roof deteriorates over time, and every person living in a house must take care of this problem as soon as they spot it. It is very important not to let this problem cause any more damage than it should, the roof replacement should not be a problem when it comes to fixing the roof. Roof replacement for residential and commercial roofs are different, so it is important to know if you have either one or the other in order to further gather all the material for the roofing contractor to fix the roof. Consulting yourself with your roofing contractor will help you both find the solution you need for your roof. Roof needs to be replaced over certain amount of time and you should always keep this in mind. Regular roof maintenance and checkups result in good functioning roof and you won’t have to worry about any damages that your roof can suffer.

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Thing that everyone needs to know when choosing the best roofing company is the fact that many companies that are not registered, so make sure to check that. There are roofers who prefer a percentage up front, before they begin the job and yet there are those who do it later, either way, make sure your roofing company is valid, registered and insured.

The Mulcock Roofing provides a wide spectrum of services and material needed for both residential and commercial roofs. You can also see our registration number to make sure that we have all the credentials to operate. Our main goal is to leave customers satisfied with our work and the payment can be arranged depending on the duration of the job and the financial disposition of the customer.

Top Roofing Company In Phoenix

What Makes Us Different?

There are many roofing companies, but we are trying to stands out because of the quality roofing service we provide to our customers.  Our mission is to fulfill every wish our customer has. We tend to do our job on appointed time and with very reasonable price.

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Another thing we are trying to accomplish is to have the trust of our customers. For that reason we keep our registration number visible to everyone who needs our services. For everything our customer needs we can provide additional information and the job well done.

Our roofers are skilled, they possess great knowledge and the determination to solve every problem you might have with any type of roof.  Satisfaction of our users is our priority and we ensure you in the quality of our work. You can rely on us to fix the most important part of your home.

Why Choose Us?

We never fail to satisfy our customers and we have proved that over many years of service. What makes our company stand out from others is our dedication to work and our care, meaning that we will not search for a temporary solution to your problem but we shall indeed seek to fix any damages permanently.

You need an emergency repair as soon as possible? Contact us and we will tell you the costs and time needed for work to be done. Our dedicated workers are willing to work overtime in urgent situations when the time is crucial factor. We at Mulcock Roofing find fixing your roof our duty.

We are sure that taking care of your roof is something you wouldn't let anyone do. You need to know that you can trust your roofer to do a good job, therefor you should pick a licensed provider. Our company keeps everything professional and well-organized. Contact us and you will not regret your choice.

Quality Guarantee

We offer wide array of services related to any sort of roof problems one household can face.

Nowadays it is hard to find good roofing contractors but that is why we are here for you, providing good service and excellent work ethics. It is important to be honest with the customers when it comes to damaged roof or the cost of the fix. We don’t have any intentions of selling worthless stories and low quality maintenance, our job and our goal is to do the job right and make sure the roof problems don’t resurface again. Our professional team provides our services for residential and commercial roofs.

We can make sure to find the solution for everything our client needs. We take payments by either credit cards or in cash, depending on our customer’s preferences.Coming from many satisfied customers, our service is outstanding and we really care about our customers and their roofing problems. They can occur at any time and this is something that should not be taken lightly. This is why our company is there to make sure these sort of things don’t happen in the near future. When we do our work,  we are professional and time-efficient . We are taking our job seriously and providing a quality service to our clients.


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