Roof Types

Tile Roofs

A tile roof is very common in the Mesa and surrounding communities due to the extended life expectancy.

Tiles cover the underlayment which protects your home from water intrusion.  The life expectancy of the underlayment depends on the quality and routine maintenance of your tile roof to ensure that the underlayment is not exposed to the elements.

There are a wide array of underlayments to choose from.  Let us help you choose the best product for your needs!

Shingle Roofs

When it is time to replace your Shingle Roof you may be overwhelmed, with the selections available.

At Mulcock Roofing, we monitor industry trends and can assist you in choosing not only the best looking shingles for your home, the best in the industry for your money.

Foam Roofs

Foam Roofs are becoming very popular in the Phoenix Metro Area.  Not only does the foam offer insulating benefits to your property, it is a long lasting alternative for flat or slightly sloped roofs with routine maintenance and coatings.

Our foam application technicians continually add to their experience by constantly updating themselves with industry updates

Flat Roofs ~ Walk Decks

What better way to enjoy outdoor life in Gilbert and surrounding communities than a beautiful walk deck.

Our roofing technicians have extensive experience installing Flat Roof and Walk Deck systems.  Let us put our knowledge to work for you by helping you choosing the best application for your roofing needs.